sonos play 3 wireless speaker review

Sonos PLAY 3 Review – Wireless Speaker 2017

Sonos PLAY 3 Review – Mid Sized Wireless speaker

There are a few “classics” when it comes to wireless speakers that everyone should consider.  The Sonos Play 3 is one of them.  I know this speaker has been out there for a while, but there’s a reason it keeps sticking around –much like the Porsche 911 –why mess with success?   Sonos haven’t.  Right off the bat, this isn’t a wireless speaker for someone who is looking for a portable option.  Yes, it’s compact size makes it easy to move around, but this guy is meant for home/office use given that it has no chargeable option.  Also, if you’re not already used to Sonos these speakers are meant to run off an existing home WiFi network.  So, if you prefer airplay or Bluetooth then that’s something you ought to seriously consider.

Sonos Play 3 Review


This, along with its multi-room capability is one of the key strengths.  This relatively small speaker has a spacious sound that makes it sound far bigger and more expensive than it is.  Some feel as though this model can be in a bit of a no man’s and in between the Sonos Play 1 and 5, both of which are fantastic.  This is partly true, mostly if you want to add another $200 which gets you into the 5 which is a serious powerhouse.  For most folks, the Play 3 is going to be more than enough, particularly for smaller bedrooms and dens.  I had this speaker in our office in a big open space and it was rock solid with crisp clean full and rich sound.  The highs weren’t harsh, and the base was full deep and rich.  Admittedly, at much higher volumes this isn’t going to blow anyone’s ears off or be adequate for a party like the Sonos Play 5. That said, you’ll likley find yourself glancing over at this thing in amazement how much this little guy can really do

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Specs (for you geeks)

The Play:3 has three Class-D digital amplifiers and three drivers–one tweeter and two 3-inch midrange drivers, as well as a passive, rear-firing bass radiator. There is volume and mute control and its dimensions will easily allow it to fit on a bookshelf, small table just fine. It always remains powered on, but drops to standby mode when not in use. I also like that the speaker can be laid horizontally or vertically. According to Sonos, an internal sensor detects which position the speaker is in and will switch from stereo mode (horizontal) to mono (vertical). Very Cool. (And yes, two sound very sweet!)

Sonos Play 3 Review

Sonos Play 3 Review


There’s a single Ethernet port, but unlike other Sonos speakers, the Play:3 has no audio input. So forget about plugging in a turntable, CD player or any other older style hardware –most won’t really mind this.  As noted, Sonos really craves a home WiFi network. If yours is unreliable or you don’t want to have to use workarounds then Sonos may not be for you. The great part is that you can setup and pair up to 30+ speakers on one network.  Sonos makes it easy to control it all in their easy to use app – great for multi room parties etc.


  • Great Sound
  • Super easy app and multi speaker control


  • No audio input
  • Works best on its own WiFi network (No Airplay/Bluetooth)


Overall, if looking for a home wireless speaker and you’re likely going to add more speakers/rooms, make sure to give this a listen. See additional details pricing on my Amazon affiliate link here or below. Another speaker to consider is the Bang & Olufsen S3 – you can read the review here.

Sonos Play 3 Review Score: 8.5/10

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