OONTZ angle 3 review

The OONTZ Angle 3 Review (Cambridge Soundworks) – Best speaker under $25?

OONTZ Angle 3 Review – Amazon’s best deal under $25? Perhaps.

Cambridge may not be one of the more well known commercial brands, but these guys don’t mess around when it comes to sound quality. From DAC’s to full-size components. The OONTZ Angle 3 review & test proves this is nis no different, but what really sets this Bluetooth speaker apart is the ridiculously low price.  At the moment Amazon has it listed for under $25! So, let’s just get right to the point then –at this price, you’re just not going to beat it.  Let’s be clear, this speaker isn’t going to blow anyone’s ears off and it’s not going to work for a deck party like a couple UE booms, but it’s one of the cleanest precision sounding speakers that you’ll find at this price.  I’d say you’d need to go up to the $60 range to get some good competition and that’s why it made our list of the Best Bluetooth speakers of 2017.

Setup and the basics

Setup over Bluetooth was super easy and up and running in less than a minute and the speaker has a decent quality feel to it.  It comes with a USB charge cable and a mini-to-mini plug adapter to hard wire your phone or other source connection.  The rubber ends have a good rugged feel and I could see how this speaker could easily deal with getting kicked around a bit without much of a fuss.  The various buttons and input connections are also fully clad in rubber coverings, so a splash or two should be no cause for concern.  Buttons include Play/Pause, Bluetooth and volume (no song skipping.  There’s also a built in mic and it provided good call clarity.

Sound quality

The OONTZ Angle 3 features two acoustic drivers that deliver excellent stereo sound imaging and acceptable bass from the passive bass radiator that’s situated on the bottom.  You can crank this little guy up to the max and it’s mostly distortion free and an overall easy listening speaker, unlike some that deliver harsh treble that makes listening for long periods uncomfortable.

Who’s this wireless speaker best suited for?

In my opinion, this is an ideal speaker for someone who’s on a budget and want’s a clean and clear sounding speaker for the beach or other travel.  It’s light weight and super compact size (10 ounces, 5 inches long, 2.8 inches tall) make this an easy grab and go option, not to mention you get close to 12 hours battery life.  If you’re looking for something for frequent home use or you’re a bass-head this probably isn’t going to be the speaker for you


oontz angle 3 review

oontz angle 3 review


  • Value – a leader at this price!
  • Clear detailed highs and mids with great stereo imaging from a tiny speaker


  • Bass won’t be enough for some
  • Lack of song skip controls


OONTZ ANGLE 3 Review – Overall Rating: 8.5/10