Naim Mu-so wireless music system review

Naim Mu-so Wireless Music System Review – Is it Worth $1500?

The Naim Mu-So Reference Wireless Music System Review

Not familiar with Naim audio? Well, you really should be –they’re one of the worlds leading audio equipment manufacturers based in Salisbury England. I’m talking about many products which are hand-made, CD players and other separates costing in the tens of thousands of dollars etc.  Obviously, Naim isn’t a commercial brand that you will find at your local Best Buy (Although it’s available on Amazon), but they are one of the most respected players in the audiophile world.  The good news is that Naim is starting to make more “accessible” products for the masses (at least those who care about sound quality) and the Mu-So is one one of these new “lower-priced” full system offerings. When you get into this level it’s about appreciating more than just volume and bass boom –it’s about bringing your music to life with fine realism and detail!

Naim Mu-so wireless music system review

The first thing you notice about the Mu-so is that it’s a very slick looking beast, and becomes a bit of statement piece wherever you put it (Naim also gives you numerous front speaker options).  The wooden speaker cabinet is wrapped in a layer of anodized aluminum with what I would say is easily the best fit, feel and finish of anything I’ve seen to date. The illumination around the touch panel control/dial interface makes it superbly satisfying to look at, touch and use.

The Sound:

The Mu-So uses six 75 watt digital amplifiers, one for each of their six custom-designed speaker drivers, delivering a total of 450 watts of power and serious bass punch relative to it’s a small cabinet size.  Sound quality shares many DNA characteristics with their signature components and that’s a very very good thing –not to mention uses a top-notch DAC (If you don’t know why that’s important please read our How a DAC improves your music article).  Vocals, strings and acoustic guitar sound particularly sweet and have an airy openness to the sound making you forget it’s emanating from one box.  There’s also a richness to the power and oomf that brings music to life and lets you listen for hours without ear fatigue.  For me, this is an ideal system for a den, office or smaller apt living room, although you could easily fill a larger space with its lush detailed sound.

Naim Mu-so speaker review

Front view with grille removed


There are tons of connection options to handle every need includes AirPlay, Bluetooth®/aptX, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, UPnP (access your stored music on a computer), Internet Radio, Multiroom, USB, Analogue and Digital inputs, Apple iOS and Android App for complete control.  The multi-room capability is also fantastic, with the ability to add/integrate additional units such as the smaller size Mu-so Qb all controlled by Naim’s equally impressive and easy to use iOS or Android App.


  • Sound is superbly detailed and rich
  • Looks are superb
  • Near perfect fit finish and build quality


  • Price is still unattainable for some
  • Requires a bit more space and  than most



If you demand more detail and life out of your music, don’t have the desire or space for separates and want the flexibility of wireless then the Mu-so should be at the very top of your list.  In short, gives you a taste of REAL Hi-Fi, in one of the slickest ever all-in-one solutions. If you are considering separates then, yes, you can achieve a bit bigger sound, that is if you go with the right combo of amp and speakers (but it won’t be much cheaper).  If simplicity and audiophile sound quality are paramount then look no further.

Naim Mu-so Wireless Music System Review Rating – 9/10 (It’s Wireless Music Bliss!)